Valuable lessons to avoid failure and costly missteps in the evolving cannabis extraction sector.

"Outfitting an extraction facility is one of the most expensive endeavors in the cannabis industry. MJBizDaily spoke with prominent extractors about how to choose the right equipment, manage supply chain issues and lower costs to get started."


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Kate Lavin

In-depth guidance for planning and scaling a CBD and low-THC extraction operational strategy and choosing the best method.

Hemp & CBD Extraction Business Planning

Special sections – featured inside!

Sourcing Raw Materials

Understand the best practices in sourcing solvents and solventless extraction materials and managing supply chain issues.

Pivoting to Psychedelics

Plan for the future legalization of psychedelics by outfitting a facility for psilocybin mushroom extraction.

This exclusive guide from MJBizDaily breaks down the complexities of CBD and THC extraction and processing with practical business strategy advice from industry experts.

What do the experts say? Gain fundamental insights from experienced professionals to help plan your extraction operation and shop for equipment and materials with confidence.

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Mastering complexities

Gain insights from extraction experts 

Tips for shopping the market for quality extraction and processing equipment at the right price.

Fundamental pros/cons of managing extraction in-house versus outsourcing extracts from a supplier.

Mitigate the risk of creating environmental waste during the extraction process.

Shop Smart

Pros & Cons

Limit Waste

There isn’t just one method for extraction or isolation. There are many factors to consider when choosing equipment.

Liz Geisleman
CEO at Rocky Mountain Reagents & Chief Brand Officer at 710 Spirits Extraction Products

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