Learn from the industry pros on on critical strategies for designing, outfitting and operating a successful indoor cultivation operation.

"This buyer’s guide can help fledgling and veteran cultivators alike to plan a grow with efficiency, savings and redundancies to keep the operation working seamlessly for years to come."


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Kate Lavin

What to know before investing big money in HVAC, lighting, benching and irrigation equipment, and how automation can be applied to each system.

Investing in the Right Operational Components

Special sections – featured inside!

Indoor Cultivation Buyers Guide Checklist

A helpful list of major points to consider when planning an indoor growing facility and purchasing inventory and equipment. 

Choosing the Right Grow Media

Understand the primary differences and benefits of growing cannabis in living soil, soilless mixes or hydroponics.

As the first stage of the cannabis supply chain, cultivators must master the fundamentals of design, workflow, equipment and energy use before starting an indoor grow. It's critical to plan wisely for expansion and invest in optimal system components and growing materials.

What do the experts say? Read our exclusive guide for strategies and tips from industry experts on facility design, cultivation system automation, climate control componentry and much more. 

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Mastering complexities

Get advice from cultivation experts

Learn best practices for choosing a building structure, location and team  

Pros and cons for growing in living soil, hydroponics or soilless mixes

Guide to mapping out a climate control system and purchasing components 

Design & Ops

Grow Media

Climate Control

What facilities really need is safe, quality, consistent product. To do that, you need to design the facility with process & consistency in mind.

David Kessler
Chief Science Officer at Agrify

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