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Laura Drotleff

A handy guide on what to know and what to ask when purchasing lighting

Cannabis Lighting Buyers Checklist

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Studying the Benefits of Supplemental Lighting

A Cornell University research team's findings on the statistical difference between light treatments on CBD or THC levels

Cannabis Lighting Glossary of Terms

What are micromoles? Download the guide to find out and learn more technical jargon unique to horticultural lighting in the cannabis industry

The science behind supplemental lighting–and the benefits it provides–is not often well understood. Not to mention that, as in other areas of cultivation, there exist many myths about what lighting can and can’t do.

What do the experts say? Read our exclusive guide for strategies and tips from expert cultivators who have amassed decades of experience studying horticulture lighting. 

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Illuminating growth

Get advice from lighting experts

Horticultural professionals debunk 8 common lighting myths in cannabis

How cannabis extraction companies can reduce energy costs

Why experts say the future of horticultural lighting is in LED technology

Lighting myths



Control with HPS lighting systems is always going to be crude. With LEDs, you can literally make them do anything you want.

Marc van Iersel
Horticulture Professor, University of Georgia

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