Learn from the industry pros on critical components for building and operating a successful cannabis packaging automation system

"Labor in the U.S. has reached a critical shortage. Cannabis product manufacturers have turned to automation as a solution to reduce labor requirements and streamline efficiency."


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Laura Drotleff

A handy guide on what to know and what to ask when planning an automated packaging system and purchasing components.

Cannabis Packaging Equipment Buyers Checklist

Special sections – featured inside!

4 CPG Packaging Trends to Watch for in Cannabis

Learn how emerging technologies and shifts in consumer buying habits are shaking up the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector.

Cannabis Packaging & Automation Company Directory

Download the guide for a complete list of 195 companies specializing in packaging and packaging automation for the cannabis industry.

Choosing the right automation equipment for packaging needs can be complicated, but getting it right before purchasing machinery will translate to savings down the road when your business scales.

What do the experts say? Read our exclusive guide for strategies and tips from experts on planning for efficiency, automation innovations, sustainable packaging and trends to look for in cannabis packaging.

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Striking the right balance between equipment costs and labor savings.

How to make sure a new system is optimized to meet unique needs.

What considerations are critical for implementing sustainable packaging.




The earlier you consider sustainable packaging, the better. Infrastructure decisions right now (may) prohibit you from turning back (to using sustainable materials).

Michael Markarian
CEO, Contempo Speciality Packaging

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