Learn from the industry pros on critical components for building and operating a successful cannabis retail business

"Cannabis retail has continued to boom, despite the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it popular among entrepreneurs looking to enter the cannabis market."


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Laura Drotleff

A comprehensive list of what to know and what to ask before you start the design process

Cannabis Retail Design Guide Checklist

Special sections – featured inside!

Guidelines for choosing the right POS System 

Understand how to invest in a POS system with features that support your business model, compliance regulations and operational practicality

Infrastructure trends to meet your budget and brand

Expert-led guidance for choosing critical infrastructure pieces from building walls and installing lights to designing fixtures and in-store signage

Opening a cannabis retail store or dispensary doesn't come without its share of operational challenges and considerations. Designing and optimizing your retail business is easier when you’ve taken the right steps for long-term success.

What do the experts say? Read our exclusive guide for strategies and tips from experts on dispensary design, display infrastructure, planning for e-commerce and delivery services and more. 

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Get advice from retail experts

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Create an experience that supports the sell-through of the product

Choosing the right POS system to meet your business needs




Ensuring you have a good interior design isn't just about aesthetic. It's about the form, the flow and the customer's journey.

Danielle Marzarella
Vice President, SevenPoint Interiors

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