Gain practical insights and business tips from cannabis experts on how to incorporate sustainability into a plant-touching or ancillary operation without breaking the bank.

Sustainability is of the upmost importance, as the true mission of cannabis is to restore balance and bring well-being to people and the planet.”­­

Co-founder and CEO of ️️House of Brandstracts 

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Alexander ‘Axie’ Blundon

Cultivation facilities can take steps to eliminate plasticulture and embrace reusable grow media while reducing water and electricity consumption, and carbon emissions.

Growing Green: Sustainability in Cultivation

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Avoiding Waste in Cannabis Extraction & Processing

Cannabis extraction professionals are learning to recycle their solvents and raw materials and maximize energy use at processing facilities.

Sustainability in Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis CPG brands are overcoming obstacles with practical solutions for eco-friendly packaging that consumers will embrace.

The fragmented nature of the U.S. cannabis industry makes it difficult to establish a one-size-fits-all sustainability solution. Limiting your business’ ecological footprint can lead to stronger sales, increased investor interest and improved relationships with state regulators.

What do the experts say? Read the guide to learn how cannabis cultivation, extraction, and packaging companies are embracing sustainable business models.

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We run a sustainability audit regularly and are continually trying to derive ways to be more thoughtful about our impact. We believe it is the right thing to do.

Katie Stem
CEO at Peak Extracts

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