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Get the facts on the current state of diversity and inclusion in the cannabis industry. This report examines the number of women and racial minority executives and employees by sector, and touches on opportunities for stronger social equity initiatives as more markets open to legalization.   

Looking for just the right product for better efficiency and more profit? We got you. Access our go-to guides on making product decisions in cannabis. Each includes a list of vendors.

Women & Minorities in Cannabis

Real estate is a make-or-break factor for cannabis retail businesses. Get a better understanding of the complex challenges experienced by businesses in search of quality real estate and learn some of the crucial lessons shared by industry veterans meant to help future entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and regulatory barriers.

Advice and insights from the retail experts on best practices for retail/dispensary design including:

  • Investing in quality display infrastructure
  • Choosing the right point-of-sale system
  • How to implement e-commerce and last-mile delivery into your brick-and-mortar business plan

Cannabis Retail

Avoid indoor growing pains with expert tips for cultivators on the steps for creating a high-value cannabis crop including:

  • Understanding local zoning laws
  • Evaluating environmental controls
  • Optimizing power and irrigation systems
  • Utilizing automation opportunities 
  • Choosing the right benching equipment

Greenhouse Components

Master the complexities of supplemental lighting for indoor/greenhouse growing operations including:

  • Investing in the right lighting system components
  • The benefits of LED technology
  • How supplemental lighting impacts cannabinoids

Indoor Lighting

Learn how to wisely invest in automation machinery to address labor concerns and ensure a consistent product including:

  • Ensuring consistent, quality packaging
  • How to plan an automated packaging system to meet labor and output needs
  • What to expect in terms of efficiency

Packaging Automation

Cannabis Extraction

Strategies and tips from the experts for choosing the right cannabis extraction system including:

  • Pros and cons of solvent-based and solventless extraction methods
  • Proper safety precautions
  • Calculating operating expenses and more

Essential guide helping farmers, breeders and brokers understand the complexities of the hemp plant and its genetics. Learn how to source genetics domestically and internationally. Use an in-depth listing of seed varieties currently available on the market, by purpose. The latest updates in hemp genetics research and development.

Data and how-to advice on key issues in cannabis

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Learn from industry pros how to improve efficiency and quality while reducing costs in your extraction process. All the latest research and advances – plus the basics. 

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Innovation in Cannabis Extraction

Navigating Real Estate Challenges in Cannabis

Hemp Variety Yearbook

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Indoor Cultivation

Learn critical strategies for designing, outfitting and operating a successful indoor cultivation operation including:

  • Best practices in cultivation facility design 
  • Pros and cons for growing in living soil, hydroponics or soilless mixes 
  • Guide to mapping out a climate control system and purchasing components  
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