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Bart Schaneman

How to make extraction operations more efficient

Facility Design

Ways to improve innovation in extraction

Equipment Efficiencies

Stay on top of constantly evolving techniques for processing raw plant material

Learning from Big Pharma

Explore how long-established extraction tools in the pharmaceutical industry are well-suited for cannabis

Extraction is one of the most innovative and dynamic sectors of the industry. Which also means, not so easy to master. And companies must perpetually hone their businesses practices to become more efficient. 

What do the experts say? Read our exclusive guide for strategies and tips from expert extractors around the country on manufacturing cannabis in this ever-changing industry.

Evolution of Extraction

Explore the latest innovations in the art of cannabis extraction, with insights from industry experts

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Balancing art & science

Get advice from veteran extractors

How to cut costs and make extraction operations more efficient

How cannabis extraction companies can reduce energy costs

Ways cannabis extraction equipment makers are innovating


Cost Reduction


Scalability must be incorporated into every piece of the design to avoid operational inefficiencies down the road.

Thilo Savage
Lume Cannabis Co.

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