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Guidance for planning the lighting system based on the cultivation strategy and the key technical specifications and capabilities to look for.

Navigating the market to find the right solutions

Special sections – featured inside!

Operator fundamentals for mastering the lights

Pros and cons of growing with higher UV intensity levels and operating artificial lighting to mimic natural solar cycles.  

Improving sustainability through the lighting system

Multi-tiered strategies for lowering energy costs and improving sustainably at commercial growing facilities.

Shopping for horticulture lighting can be an overwhelming and costly endeavor. Having the right lighting components is essential for achieving the best yields and maintaining profitability.

What do the experts say? Read this exclusive guide to gain valuable insights and shopping tips from lighting and cultivation experts.

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Lighting insights for serious growers

“Make sure you’re scoping a product with dimming solutions; this is going to be important for energy management in the future.”

Corinne Wilder
VP, Global Commercial Operations at Fluence Bioengineering

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Lighting tips from the experts at MJBizCon

Horticulture lighting experts at MJBizCon share advice for indoor growers when shopping for components.

Shop the market and invest in quality lighting fixtures with help from experienced cannabis lighting professionals.

Practical advice from lighting experts

What experts say about today’s horticulture lighting technical capabilities.

Learn how to filter out unreliable brands and second-rate manufacturers.

Understand the benefits of lighting fixtures with quality dimming controls.

Tech innovations

Vetting suppliers

Complete control