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"Social equity initiatives and cannabis legalization are now intertwined, but there is still no magic bullet to improve the landscape."


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Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier

See if it's getting better over time 

Percent of Women Executives in Cannabis by Year  

Sample data from the report

Percent of Minority Executives in Cannabis by Sector 

Compare cultivation to retail, for example. Plus, see where cannabis is relative to the U.S. norm 

Cannabis Startup Costs & Median Income by Race

See at a glance why access to capital is a key factor in disparity 

Social equity is a critical component in every cannabis market, new and old. However, racial and gender diversity is still lacking—especially in ownership and executive positions. Also missing: hard data about it.

We hold up the mirror. Now, our exclusive research paints a true picture of where we stand. Plus, learn from key stakeholders and understand the obstacles to change. 

Women and Minorities in the Cannabis Industry

A free report with data on diversity and inclusion in 2021

Equity matters

Get the facts on diversity & inclusion 

We focus on the executive and ownership level. Who has the power? 

We also look at diversity at all levels and in all parts of the cannabis supply chain 

Data grounded in state & federal reports as well as industry survey results


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Some social equity programs, like Ohio's, do have a positive impact on BIPOC ownership. 

But even there, women of color are left behind.